Create bots to automate mundane, boring, repetitive computer tasks!

Zero-Code Business User Friendly Collaboration Platform for Intelligent Automation using Neural Networks and Deep Learning 

Self-service bots

Pay as you go

Setup in 30 mins

Intelligent automation solution with a single framework for Process Modelling, Process Automation & Process Mining using ABCDi of emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, IoT).   


No coding

No scripting

No programming

Free subscription

Works out of the box

Training not required


Pay for productive bot hours

No dependency on IT team

No user/training manuals


Neural Networks and Deep Learning

LokiBots is designed to simulate user actions, as a real user would. It thinks like humans, mimics human behavior, intelligence and intuition. Built using Deep Learning, Object Character Recognition (OCR), Object Detection, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Image Captioning, Learning by Demonstration!

Train and deploy bots without coding or technical skills

Digital war room For real-time collaboration

Easily define sequencing and dependencies

Human Learning + Machine Learning = Smart Collaborative LokiBots (CoBots)

Collaborative bots (CoBots) complementing users at workplace (not replace them) and create more value to customers! A disruptive platform to maximize the value of both humans and machines at workplace.


To make Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning universally accessible and useful to all computer users by automating routine, mundane and repetitive computer tasks. By integrating process modeling, process automation and process mining into a single framework, our platform aims to play a meaningful role in the daily work life of millions of computer users across globe.