Build your Bots! No Coding Required!

Build, Manage, Train & Schedule your own Bots without any coding skills. It’s simple! 

Bot Store

Browse through the Bot Store and add Ready-To-Deploy Bots created by our expert partners.

Task Store

It’s easy to record a Task and publish it to the Task Store, so other business users can use them for their needs. The tasks are interconnected seamlessly as the output of one task can be fed as input to another task.


Python Enhancements

Option to write python code before and after each step within task. Business users can take online help of Python experts to embed a code if required, in their automation process.  



Voice Enabled Mobile App for On-The-Go features. The bots can be triggered from mobile phone or tablet from our native app using voice commands.



Speech and text driven access to trigger Bots for Conversational Natural Language engagement. 

Approval Workflow

Bots go through an approval Workflow which can be customized based on business needs. Only Certified Bots can be scheduled and deployed to production instance.


Collaboration & Business Process Flows

Create a War-Room to sequence tasks of Multiple Bots of different parents. You can easily build a complex network of nested and dependent tasks!   Build tasks easily and sequence them using Business process Flows

Analytics & Visualization

Advanced Visualizations to track the audit logs of Bots & to analyze the Bot usage. Out of Box Dashboards grouping the Bots based on Parent, Sponsor & Process owner. Ready to use Security reports.

Track History and Revert Back!

All the changes made will be tracked in history and users can revert back to any point in time. 

Admin & User Access

Add and Manage Users and Assign Roles to them. Activate and De-Activate Bots anytime.

myProxy Access with Single Sign On (SSO)

Within a Corporate Firewall, Bots inherits the access of parent user which is updated in real-time!  


Idea Exchange

Business Users can submit requests for additional bots in the Bot store. Our partners and developers will work on them based on priority. The status of all bot store requests are tracked real-time 

Blockchain & IoT

The output of one Bot can be fed as input to another Bot. The input feed can also come from IoT connected devices or Blockchain applications, which act as data sources. LokiBots uses the source data and takes care of process automation.